Frequently Asked Questions…

  • How many do you seat? 2 to 272 guests can be seated comfortably
  • How far are you from St Marys Station 200 Metres
  • What time to we Open/Close? Evenings 6.30pm till 11.30pm
  • Can we bring our own cake? Yes you are very welcome.
  • How early should I book? See below

BOOKINGS – Book as soon as you decide to come to us… Full Payment due only 15 days before your night out (for bookings Feb to Oct)

PAYMENT for NOVEMBER BOOKINGS Due Friday 28 September.

PAYMENT for DECEMBER BOOKINGS Due Friday 19 October.

  • Is the show suitable for children?

Our show is risqué & designed for adults however, there is NO swearing. We leave the decision to bring children up to the individual parent.

February to October Children 5 to 15 years only $30pp  NOV/DEC No concessions

  • When is the Major Oak Office Open?

Whilst phones are on 7 DAYS a week 9623 4850 should you wish to visit in person, we’re at the Major Oak 10am till 4pm Fridays ONLY.