The Major Oak Theatre Restaurants – Sensational Menu

Rustic and wholesome Meals.  Alternate serves to your table – Swap or steal from friends for your favourite!



1. Salt and Pepper Squid

2. Traditional Lasagne



1. Lamb Shank Slow Baked in Red Wine, Tomato & Rosemary on a bed of mash

2. Chicken Breast with chips & salad


Desserts:  Pavlova  |  Chocolate Mud Cake  |  Cheesecake

Allergy? Food Intolerance? Gluten Free? Vegetarian? Lactose Intolerant? Vegan? Religeous Requirements? Halal? Hindu?

We are happy to prepare a meal to suit your needs with 72 hrs prior notice.

Sample Special Diets below.  Allergies dealt with individually and with sensitivity.

Vegetarian: Veg Spring Rolls & Salad + Veg Lasagne + All Desserts fine

Vegan: Veg Spring Rolls & Salad + Spiced Thai Vegetables on Rice + Fruit Salad

Gluten Free: ‘Naked’ Chicken Salad + Lamb Shank + Pavlova

Halal: S&P Squid or Veg Lasagne + Chicken Chips & Salad + All Desserts Fine

Dairy Free: S & P Squid* or chicken Salad + Lamb Shank + Pavlova with Fruit (*squid crumb contains miniscule milk traces)

Menu Subject to availability and seasonal changes

Phone Bob or Mary on 9623 4850 10am to 7pm Daily

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